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Data Center Management

Well it has taken me much longer than it should have to start considering automated data center management.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve played around with Ubuntu MaaS solution, OpenStack, over the years.  The main issue I’ve always had was the limited number of servers I deal with.  I have less then 100 under my control and none of those were part of a cluster or hosting containers of any sort.  Thus management was simple.

I am only now looking at deploying multiple VMWare clusters and possibly a Ceph or VSAN solution.  Thus data center management is at the forefront of my thoughts right now.  Deploying Ceph alone is a nightmare.  A nightmare which will only get worse as I add servers to the Ceph cluster or add multiple Ceph clusters.

So I did a quick Google search and found a nice write up on data center management software, Top 6 Open Source Linux Server Provisioning Software.  After a quick read I found a few possible solutions that I will start testing out.

I will post my findings on each as I begin testing.  Hopefully I will have a solution in place shortly, at least in my LAB.